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Stay tuned: this battle is far from over. So is it time to upgrade? Cummins argues that cutting your download time in half will prove very appealing. As a marketer, Cummins also recognizes the sexiness of raw speed. ”Today people want what’s faster and better. That’s why 40 percent of our users have 56K modems.” Stan Sulkes teaches at UC’s Raymond Walters College. Know a tri-stater who’s doing something interesting with Internet? If so, drop Sulkes a note at [sulkes@ucbeh.

Fresh from victory in one battle, a group of parents who organized to fight year-round school in Boone County is preparing for another. Get online Tax Depreciation Solutions for both the Prime Cost and Diminishing Value Methods of Calculation. The group, called Boone County Organized Parents, is heading to Frankfort and the halls of the state capitol in search of more money for rapid-growth school districts. ”It’s been quoted to me that we’re in the big leagues now,” said Cathy Drennen, one of the group’s leaders.

”I guess a lot of people think the political arena is too difficult to approach. I never say never. If it takes playing hardball and getting out on the field, then that is what we’re going to do.” The Boone County district has about 12,000 students and has been growing by about 350 students per year – roughly enough to fill up a small school. Growing pains are what prompted consideration of a year-round schedule. The idea was to make greater use of school buildings by using them 12 months instead of nine. Students wouldn’t have less time off; but they wouldn’t all be in school at the same time.

Last month, the Boone County Board of Education rejected year-round scheduling. Hundreds of parents spoke out against the concept, saying children in the same home would go to school at different times, family vacations would be impossible, and the schedule offers no academic benefits. After voting against the year-round schedule, school board members asked parents to stay involved to help find a solution. Mrs. Drennen, who has two children in the Boone County system, said about 100 parents have decided to do just that.

”I have followed a lot of the issues, but I have basically sat in the back ground,” Mrs. Drennen said. ”There comes a time when you have to say enough is enough. I just feel like too many people sit on the sidelines and just take things for granted.” Already, some parents have been to Frankfort to speak to legislators about changing the funding formula.